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At Radio UA Chicago, we rely on the support of our listeners to continue providing high-quality programming in the Ukrainian language. Your donations are an essential part of our operation, allowing us to fund new projects, maintain our equipment, and keep our talented team of professionals working to create engaging and informative content for our community.

Just like NPR, we believe that public radio is a valuable resource that deserves the support of the community it serves. Your donations help us to continue providing a vital link between Ukrainian-Americans and their language and culture, creating a sense of identity and belonging in a new land. We are grateful for the support of our listeners and are committed to being good stewards of the funds we receive.


If you are interested in supporting Radio UA Chicago, please consider making a donation today. Every dollar counts, and your contribution will go directly toward ensuring that we can continue providing Ukrainian-language programming for years to come. Thank you for your support, and thank you for choosing Radio UA Chicago as your source for Ukrainian-language radio programming.

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By donating on zelle

Transfer funds directly to Ukrainian-American Media Group INC. via ZELLE using phone number +1 (773) 697-3923 or QR code. We also accept checks, direct deposits, and reoccurring payments.

Additional Options
& Forms of payment

You can set up a monthly automatic transfer to support the radio and newspaper. You can also set up an automatic request, and we will deduct the specified amount automatically.

Account at Selfreliance - 177162

CHASE BANK - 695785532

Additionally, you could send us a check. Please make it payable to: UKRAINIAN-AMERICAN MEDIA GROUP

5050 N. Cumberland Ave.,
18-S Norridge, IL 60706.

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